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Edmunds Offers Online Car Personality Match Up Tool to Car Shoppers

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - May 20, 2014 - Personality-wise, would you consider yourself a Haute Hauler, a Stylistic Supercar or a High-Performance Hybrid? Today, car shopping website Edmunds.com launched a fun new quiz that makes it easy to assess what makes you tick, match it up with a custom car mashup and share your eye-catching automotive portrayal via social media. 

“Usually, we apply our automotive knowledge in the name of car shopping, but this time it’s in the name of having a little fun,” said Suzanne Nagel, Edmunds.com’s Executive Director of Brand Strategy. 

Quiz takers will answer 15 light-hearted questions that help evaluate key personality traits – unconventionality, status and altruism – then will be shown a custom car that represents them. The Edmunds.com team worked with Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a Professor of Business Psychology at University College London and a visiting Professor at New York University, to devise the personality quiz and results.

The company anticipates that the availability of the quiz will help bolster its already significant social media presence. Currently, Edmunds.com has over 235,000 Facebook likes on Facebook, over 67,000 Twitter followers and over 1.7 million Google+ followers.

“We like the idea of having a little fun and trying something new to catch people’s attention. The more people are familiar with the Edmunds.com name, the more people will have an easier time buying their next car,” promised Nagel, who also managed the company’s first-ever television advertising campaign that launched in December 2013.

To access the quiz, visit: Edmunds.com quiz

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