The Edmunds Revolution - One of Top 7 Best Technology Places to Work in LA

Built in LA recently published an article referencing Edmunds as one of the Top 7 Best Technology Places to Work in LA. 7 Companies to Advance Your Career in Tech - That Are Hiring Right Now. While the article lists the extrinsic benefits, there’s more to our company than the surface freebies. In an internal discussion about this article, our own Julie Merges,Chief People Officer, states it best.

Edmunds is known for caring about its people and I’m proud to work for a company that keeps its employees front and center. We have one of the most innovative and progressive cultures that pushes itself to transform our industry, not take incremental steps. We are set apart from other tech organizations because we are not only progressive, but we have a culture that empowers its people to be treated as adults and be held accountable for results. Each of these things are hard to replicate in a meaningful way at another company. Each of these things makes us uniquely Edmunds.

If you are interested in learning more about our culture, take a look at our open positions and interview for yourself.

What drives us?

At Edmunds we’re not just about making car buying easier, we're also passionate about technology!

As with any website that has millions of unique visitors, it's a necessity that we maintain a scalable and highly-available infrastructure with reliable services.

We are excited by software design and strive to create engaging exper-iences while using coding practices that promote streamlined website production and experimentation. We embrace continuous delivery, dev ops, and are constantly improving our processes so we can stay lean and innovative. We also prioritize giving back to the community by providing open APIs for our auto-motive data and open sourcing projects whenever possible.

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