Edmunds at SXSW

A brief recap written by Liz Harsh.

For 4 days Edmunds had prime space within the Mashery Lounge at the Austin Convention Center, the hub of SXSW 2014.  

Edmunds was also featured on 2 panels.  John O’Dell, Senior Editor at Edmunds, sat on the Connected Car Panel panel, and Stephen Gandee, Vice President of Mobile and Emerging Technologies at Edmunds, sat on another panel and talked about about Edmunds’ ROWE culture.

We held a photo challenge with our signature Edmunds Car Head on the streets of Austin. Best photos of the day won some cool swag.

Our “Price Promise Prom” themed Happy Hour was very successful and noted as the best party to date. 

Powder blue bow ties, flower corsages, and a perfect DJ’d playlist courtesy of Beats topped off a night of fun!

10,300 = the number of people who visited the Mashery Lounge where our booth was located
1,783 = the number of pieces of branded swag given out
1,000 = the number of people at Edmunds’ “Price Promise Prom”

Edmunds is looking forward to having an even larger presence at SXSW 2015!

Liz Harsh is Marketing Manager at Edmunds

What drives us?

At Edmunds we’re not just about making car buying easier, we're also passionate about technology!

As with any website that has millions of unique visitors, it's a necessity that we maintain a scalable and highly-available infrastructure with reliable services.

We are excited by software design and strive to create engaging exper-iences while using coding practices that promote streamlined website production and experimentation. We embrace continuous delivery, dev ops, and are constantly improving our processes so we can stay lean and innovative. We also prioritize giving back to the community by providing open APIs for our auto-motive data and open sourcing projects whenever possible.

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